Saturday, October 4, 2014

Brisbane Valley Rail Trail - Linville to Moore

Moore 114m
Linville 134m
Distance 7km

The rail trail heads south from the station and in a few hundred meters it crosses the road and slopes down hill.

A short time later it crosses the road again and then follows the road toward Moore. There are just a few gates and creek crossing and the crossing require pushing your bike up the other side of the causeways over slippery gravel.

The trail surface is good and easy to ride. From a grassy path to a two track with reasonable fine gravel. The crossings can be difficult to push up the other side and could be a worry if wet.

Its quicker and a nice variation to ride back along the road and the traffic being so light makes it enjoyable. Only three vehicle passed me at about midday on a Saturday.

Along the way you pass the local cemetery and if like me you have an interest in the passed its worth a stop and look see.
A typical creek crossing.

Looking back to Linville station.

Only a few hundred yards to go now.

The Brisbane river.

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