Broken Head NR - Kings Beach walk

Broken Head Nature Reserve

Kings Beach walk.
About 3 or 4km loop and easy going.
Climb ~100m mostly well defined steps.
Considerations: Prepared to get your feet wet. Low tide is the best time for this.

The trail starts at the southern beach access path near the caravan park main entrance. The path is well defined and has a solid surface. The stairs have solid treads and would be good in most weather. At the outset the trail is very pretty going under a tropical canopy then opening out onto the headland affording spectacular views of the Three Sisters rock formation and the coast north and south. Stop at the viewing platform before going down the stairs to the beach.

To get to Kings beach you either grovel over the rocks or if the tide is low enough wade around the small point. The rocks can be sharp. Be warned depending on the weather and time of day you may encounter nude sunbathing on this beach.

At the north end of the beach are stairs to the car park above. Again this path has a tropical canopy which makes the climb nice and easy. In the car park you now take the gravel road down the hill back to the beach and just a bit north of the caravan park where you started.

The Map

The start near the CP visitor car park. 

The path to the headland.

The view along the way.

The Three Sisters.

The path up from Kings Beach.

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